Your Quote Is The Best Part Of All.

Roofteq will conduct an initial inspection and assessment of your roofing requirements at a time convenient for you. This enables Roofteq to provide you with a detailed written quotation for any work needed, so you are in full receipt of the facts to assist your decision process;

What Next? …….Well we provide;

  • An honest assessment of your roofs condition and highlight any foreseen problematic areas.
  • Provide you with the different options for repair or or replacement of the necessary roofing materials.
  • List an associated trade services for example, work such as replacement timbers, or brick/stone work.

We will ensure you are fully versed in all aspects of the proposed work and materials involved. We will provide this in writing by quotation in as much detail as expected or required. We believe there should be no unpleasant surprises and where at all possible we will deliver our promise, if something is discovered deeper into the fabric of the building that could not been foreseen in the initial inspection we will not go ahead until we gain the clients up-most approval,so you see exactly what you are getting for your money.

Your Investment – Costs and Payment

Roofteq is realistic, we understand that most people find the thought of roof repairs or renewals daunting and worry about all the associated costs involved

Roofteq being a very fair and realistic company understand this and want to point out it may not cost as much as you think. In many cases the big job may be a case of a few simple repairs, which will eradicate the problem, however should the job be larger and for example you do need a new roof and money is an issue then we maybe able to delay the work with spot repairs  until such time as you have organised the necessary finance.

There are however some basics to remember, it is false economy if your roof is leaking, and you don’t do anything about it, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long term if the leak isn’t repaired quickly.

Whatever the decision is, before we commence any works, we will agree with you all costs and payment terms before starting the job. We will not ask for any up-front payment to cover the cost of materials, although we may request stage payments throughout the course of the project (dependent on project size and prior customer agreement) with the balance due on completion.

To learn more about Roofteq’s complete roofing services, call ROOFTEQ on 01698 335104.

About Roofteq - For All Your Roofing Needs

Owner of Roofteq a Roofing Company For All Your Roofing Needs.

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