Q – Do I require the services of Roofteq in Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland ?

 A – It is very easy for someone to tell you get the professionals in to your home and  commercial business to assess your roofing needs. Why do I need too?  Well it is also  true to say that you need to be in receipt of the full facts so you can determine what  your roof needs are, Questions like “does it need repaired, replaced or general  maintenance” ? “what are the associated costs”? Taking that first all step to the to that  all important decision is to call the specialist professional roofing company Roofteq  from Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland, our quotation will save time money and  frustration, providing you with a great end result.

Q- Does my roof fixed repaired or renewed in Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland ?

A – Its true all the tell tale signs will appear, whether its damp or wet patches on the ceiling or mould in the corner of the wall, the best thing is an inspection to assess what is causing the problem, it could be something as simple as slipped slate or a broken tile, a blocked gutter or a ridge that needs re cemented. What is true is that the damage will only get worse if unattended to, it also looks horrible and it can become a real problem over time. The problem is one of safety and the second is cost, the longer you leave it the more expensive it will become. Cost is always the a major consideration and sometimes we have advised clients of warranty or insurance situations where the financial burden may be someone else s, it could be a neighboring property or a communal downpipe so let us take a closer look and reduce those costly repairs today, Roofteq Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland has your interest at heart.

 Q – How do I know If the Correct Materials Are Being Specified in      Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland ?

 A –  Making do with existing materials or partially replacing materials can be  false economy, but Roofteq will help you through this process. Roofteq will show you  what needs to be removed and more importantly why. Some older traditional  materials can be salvaged reclaimed and even reused such as some slates. The  materials come in all guises from cheap to expensive, so whats the difference? The  difference many times is the quality and that quality comes from the manufacturers specification or your architect, environmental factors such climatic temperatures, such as humidity cold frost ice and snow all effect the products performance. However there are also things like the angle or slope (pitch ) of your roof that is effected because of wind and rain calculations that have to be considered. Roofteq takes the complication out of all this jargon and keeps it simple and offers an no nonsense solution. Roofteq will not quote on over or under specified products – you can be sure we will choose the correct product for your roof and our quotation will reflect this. So when that extreme weather arrives again and you have the peace of mind that Roofteq in Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland has chosen correctly to protect your investment of your home or business.

 Q – Is Roof Maintenance essential and how is this achieved in Hamilton  Lanarkshire Scotland ?

 A – The short answer is yes, because by maintaining your roof effectively, you will  ensure your roof remains safe and looks the part too. An annual inspection after the  harsh weather normally around spring time will highlight any areas of weakness or  damage before the elements start to get into the fabric of the building, thus keeping the  costs down and preserving a sound roof. So how is this achieved? Well a physical  inspection may uncover things such as moss a loose tile or slate an insecure ridge tile  or a weak flat roof seal – whatever the issue is Roofteq in Hamilton Lanarkshire  Scotland will help. So don’t delay it pays call Roofteq now.

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